The New Normal: Telemedicine Benefits

“Virtual by default’ digital healthcare has become the latest new normal thanks to the pandemic. The clinical services are transforming at speed as doctors and patients embrace new models of care enabled by technology. Covid or no Covid, the changes in the healthcare system are to stay. From a novel ideology, telemedicine has become the primary way people communicate with doctors, as even the ERs have turned to digital triage to keep people. The healthcare system has drastically changed and is accelerating the innovations of tomorrow, where telemedicine benefits surpass in-person visitations. 

Undoubtedly, the coronavirus pandemic has upended life for the better. It’s an open secret that the demand for telehealth services is escalating across the globe as more doctors and their patients look for ways to limit in-person care to prevent exposure to the infection or the spread of it.

The Ascent of Virtual Care

The coronavirus pandemic has strongly affected healthcare facilities across the world. Revenues have declined as patients choose to abandon routine and preventive care through which many facilities used to make most of their money. Even surgeries and other in-person procedures have been rescheduled lately. Many of these appointments and checkups are being shifted to a virtual setting without sacrificing the quality of care. Further support is provided to patients by making it easier to contact their primary care doctor or urgent care clinic without setting foot inside a facility, thus reducing their chances of infection, one of the many telemedicine benefits.

Is The Trend Here to Stay?

People have already realized the benefits of virtual care and are satisfied with the fact that they don’t have to put their health at risk with long wait times or the commute to and from the doctor’s office. Telehealth has also given patients more freedom regarding getting medical help because they are no longer troubled by physical distances or transportation. 

Since making appointments online, refilling prescriptions, and consulting with experienced physicians without leaving their homes has made things easy and quick, people are ready to adopt the change. As the virus is not going anywhere soon, more and more patients are prepared to take advantage of these telemedicine benefits in the times to come. 

Telemedicine BenefitsMore Genuine Evaluation

It turns out telemedicine has some unusual perks, after all. Firstly, it provides an opportunity for doctors to assess their patients in their comfort zone. This change is practically helpful if they have to detect allergy causes. It also helps neurologists and physical therapists navigate how their patients can take care of themselves in their own homes. Telemedicine also becomes an excellent medium to get mental health evaluation and counseling.

Family Links

When considered, it can be observed that telemedicine benefits are not restrained by time and space. For example, it is beneficial to have a family member around while consulting your doctor. This can be easily achieved through virtual consultation even if that family member is from another country; a conference call will make connecting more accessible and faster.  

Telemedicine and Primary Care Management

When we talk about a family, we know we deal with kids, adults, and the elderly. So, all forms of medical services will be required. Whether it is family medicine, internal medicine, or pediatrics, all are essential to your family’s health. In this case, regular online visits with primary care practitioners specializing in telemedicine will make it easy for the whole family.

Telemedicine and Urgent Care:

If normal circumstances are considered, virtual urgent care can reasonably be declared the best way to deal with non-life-threatening health issues. Issues that suddenly spring up in the middle of the night, while you’re traveling, or are too occupied to reach your primary care doctor’s office. For symptoms as common as urinary tract infection, upper respiratory infection, or rash with which you would hurry to your nearest urgent care facility, a virtual urgent care visit would diagnose and suggest at-home treatment without the hassle of commuting.

Telemedicine and Mental Healthcare:

The pandemic has scarred a large number of people for life. Anxiety, depression, and other mood or mental health disorders have increased in number since early 2020. Though remote psychotherapy is not something new, in a broader perspective, the acceptance and effectiveness of telepsychology have just risen. Counseling sessions via phone or video can also be traced back to the 1960s; the only thing that has changed now is the acceptance of treatment style thus adding to telemedicine benefits.

Telemedicine and Dermatology:

Skin problems are commonly diagnosed by appearance and symptoms. In severe cases, the person’s medical history is also referred to, so it is convenient to assess symptoms and diagnose treatment that makes dermatology a good for telemedicine. Undoubtedly, there are times when in-person visitation is better, such as an annual skin check or any skin procedures, such as a biopsy, etc.

Telemedicine and Physical Therapy:

Another form of treatment that works best remotely is physical therapy; as long as you have a stable internet connection and a place to walk and stretch while on-camera, you can likely benefit from a virtual physical therapy visit. The physical therapist needs to analyze how people move around and manage their daily affairs to prescribe stretches or exercises to make moving more efficient and comfortable. And it turns out that it can be done pretty effectively remotely, using virtual healthcare services.

When it’s all about a patient-centric approach to care, telemedicine remains the best option with which optimal care can be provided to the patients through the comforts of virtual care. IM Clinic offers telemedicine to help improve the quality of care for their patients. To sum it up, new tech is emerging in healthcare almost every day. This progress allows people to take their care into their own hands. From orthodontic aligners and acne treatments to routine checkups, telemedicine has increased convenience and enhanced patient experience. So, it’s time to adapt and accept the change. Call IM Clinic today to experience telemedicine benefits.