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Primary Care

Primary Care

As all individuals have specific health necessities, professional one-on-one healthcare becomes essential for an active and fit life. Primary care is a patient’s first point of connection with the healthcare system, and it gives them the knowledge and tools they need to reach their health goals. Moreover, primary care physicians are trained and skilled at delivering comprehensive, first-contact, ongoing therapy to people with unexplained symptoms or health problems.

Benefits of Primary Care:

Primary care is meant to be the primary source of healthcare while maintaining a long-term relationship with your doctor. In addition, it improves access to healthcare, reduces expenses, and enhances the quality of your health. Many individuals believe that primary care is a better option than going to the emergency department since it is less expensive and takes less time to treat minor illnesses or accidents. So, access to a physician who knows and understands your health history, wellness goals, and concerns is essential to stay safe and healthy today and in the future. 

Acute care is yet another aspect of primary care. There is always a possibility of developing problems or injuries that appear out of nowhere and have little or mild long-term influence on your health. Let’s say you twist your ankle while playing basketball. Perhaps you’re suffering from a particularly troublesome cough or cold. Visiting your primary care physician’s office for treatment of these types of problems is easy and fast. Nevertheless, primary care can also assist you in managing chronic or long-term illnesses such as diabetes or asthma, as your primary care physician can regularly keep an eye on your health. They can track changes in your health and help you determine if it’s time to change the course of treatment because they work with you long-term. 

Primary Care Services Include:

A primary care physician can conduct a wide range of diagnostics, treatments, and procedure services. Here are a few services they frequently offer: Cancer screenings, cardiovascular health screenings, diabetes tests, pharmaceutical prescriptions, and vaccinations. The physicians can also comprehend and investigate illness progression in respect to the patient’s family context and treat and follow up on chronic or recurring health concerns. The presence of trust between a primary care practitioner and the patient is crucial to the maximum benefits of primary care. 

The best part? When looking for exceptional primary care services, you don’t have to go far. Because when it comes to preventing and treating adult diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, asthma, COPD, and acute infections like the common cold, we at IM Clinic Huntsville, Alabama, put our patients’ health and wellness first.