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Looking for the Best Vitamins to Boost Your Immune System?

The Answer is Exercise

The thing about ease is that it can often bring further hardships. The comfort of lounging around or not putting aside time to keep your body active can have a lot of long-term drawbacks. Our bodies are like any functioning machine; each part has a specific purpose, requires targeted care and maintenance, and needs to be utilized for their designated work to remain usable. Moreover, if they are left static for too long, their existing condition would deteriorate and they can no longer work as effectively as they are made to. So, a little discomfort of exercising regularly can not only provide you with a whole lot of ease in the long run as you age but can also help you stay physically fit enough to live your life to the fullest. Consider it like taking the best vitamins to boost your immune system and improve the quality of your life.

We work our entire lives to have some semblance of ease, but when it is confused with inaction, it can cost you a lot. Exercise can be a little challenging to get into; trust us, we know. But what’s exponentially worse is the lethargy and fatigue that can easily overcome a body that is not being utilized to its fullest. Our bodies, like iron, can rust and start to creak if they aren’t kept in regular motion and lubricated. A good workout is the prime approach to achieving both goals at once.

And if the threat of our bodies rusting due to disuse was not reason enough to seriously get into the exercise scene, there is so much to gain from it that it would surely be a no-brainer. Although the disadvantage of neglecting exercise is pretty big, the advantages of actually doing it are even greater. A regular commitment to keeping your body active can lift your spirits, boost body health, and decrease the risk of diseases. Exercise can pretty much be considered one of the best vitamins to boost your immune system because it sure does work as well as them. 

Boost Your Immune System

Lift Yourself Up:

Studies have shown that exercise can help improve your mood and mental health. Not only does working out improve your self-image, but it also releases endorphins in your brain. These endorphins are multifaceted as they can do anything from decreasing perceived pain, cultivating a euphoric feeling, and sedating your muscles and organs for some rest. Even with all this, the endorphins from exercise do not lead to addiction. Staying active can even ward off anxious energy in the body. This, in turn, reduces stress and improves the sleep cycle, both of which are even better than the best vitamins to boost the immune system.

Exceed Your Energy:

Surprisingly, when you feel tired all the time, doctors often suggest that you exercise more. This is because the more you exercise, the more energy there is in your cells. How is that possible? Well, it’s simple, regular physical activity can bring changes to your body on a cellular level. As you expend energy while exercising, your body is forced to increase the production of mitochondria for your muscle cells. Having more mitochondria means more glucose being broken down into energy from your food, leading to an increase in your body’s energy supply.

Furthermore, exertion also causes the body to take in more oxygen, which allows the body to produce more mitochondria and use the energy more effectively. All this combined with the rush of endorphins, causes your body to feel energized even though it has been exerted, a feat that even the best vitamins to boost the immune system and mental health fall short on.

Exceed Your Energy

Decrease Heart Disease:

If boosting your body’s energy levels and mental health was not what sealed the deal for you, consider that exercise also manages to decrease the risk of heart diseases drastically. Illnesses of the heart can be caused due to various reasons; age, diet, and even level of activity. Your blood vessels change over time because of either your diet or your age, which can perpetuate many heart problems. However, exercising regularly allows your heart rate to be stabilized and your blood pressure to be regulated due to exertion. It single-handedly accomplishes the work of many of the best vitamins to boost your immune system and overall physical health. Moreover, remaining active releases enzymes that break down and clear out harmful cholesterol from the bloodstream. This results in healthier blood vessels and heart muscles.

Increase Your Immunity:

Your immune system is the part that takes full advantage of the side effects of exercising. As exertion increases blood flow, lung capacity, and body temperature, your immune system exerts itself by regulating it all. It clears out the blockades in the blood, clears out harmful bacteria in the airways, decreases the production of stress hormones, reinforces antibodies against infections, and allows your body to reach homeostasis as promptly as possible. All these functions that usually require the best vitamins to boost the immune system are achieved by exercising.  

Regular physical activity has been found to increase the effectiveness of immune cells. Inflammation as a result of injury is one of the signs of a strong immune system; however, quite often, it can devolve into chronic inflammation, which can cause the immune system to slow down. Exercise can reduce this inflammation and make the immune cells more active.

One of the signs of a weak immune system is always catching the flu any time you are exposed to it. However, studies have found that exercise can drastically decrease the risk of being prone to respiratory tract infections such as the common cold or other viruses. Moreover, the exertion strengthens antibodies which can fight off these infections more effectively. And in times like these, that’s more of necessity than a perk, much like the best vitamins to boost immune system.  To conclude, it is evident that physical and mental health are connected and that exercising positively impacts your overall well-being. We at IM Clinic fully endorse exercise and consider it necessary for all, whether sick or healthy. Hopefully, this guide has inspired you to improve your physical fitness. No matter how nerve-racking it might be at first, the positive benefits for your body and mind will be worth reaping.